What started as a couple of thirteen year-olds creating t-shirts for friends has transformed into a brand that is taking the streets of Toronto, New York and Barbados by storm.

We are often asked about the origin of the ZALE brand, and the truth is, ZALE is inspired by our roots...



Growing up in Florida, Akil spent much of his childhood by the beach and has always been in awe of the beauty and power of the ocean. Growing up in Ontario, Ethan spent many summer days at the cottage where water represented adventure, adrenaline and family. The name ZALE originates in Greek mythology and literally means “Power of the Sea,” which is fitting considering our love of water – both in liquid and frozen form. We’ve both played hockey our entire lives and after being drafted in the first round of the 2016 Ontario Hockey League draft, it’s clear that Akil's star extends well beyond the runway.



With Akil's family proudly hailing from Barbados, we decided to pay homage by modernizing the trident that can be found on the Barbados flag to create the iconic ZALE logo. If ZALE represents the “Power of the Sea,” what visual image could be more fitting than the symbol of strength that is held in the hands of both Neptune and Poseidon?



We have always been intrigued by design – colours, textures, shapes, and balance. With the iconic ZALE logo we wanted to create something modern yet timeless, dynamic yet simple, and urban yet accessible.

We are very excited to be sharing ZALE with the world and want to thank our families and our partners at NGAGE Apparel for helping make our dreams a reality.