About Us

ZALE Apparel was founded by Akil Thomas and Ethan Low when they were 15 years old. What began as just a hobby, ZALE Apparel is now a Toronto-based clothing brand run by young individuals dedicated to creating unique products that will have a lasting impact on the streetwear industry and culture.

ZALE's philosophy and slogan “See Beyond” represents our teams’ mindset and helps fuel our creative process. For us, being a part of ZALE means pushing beyond our boundaries and not conforming to society's expectations. ZALE embodies a blend of talent from many different industries and has allowed us to come together and convey our ingenuity through different collections and products. This is our way of sharing stories and experiences while also showcasing our development as a brand.

Since its inception in 2015, ZALE has had incredible support from all over the world and we hope you continue to follow us on our journey. 

Behind The Brand Interview

Meet The Team

Learn about the people behind the brand and their stories

Akil Thomas

Akil Thomas is the Co-Founder of Zale Apparel. As a young entrepreneur he started a T-shirt business when he was only 13 years old. Using an online t-shirt printing company to customize hockey themed t-shirts to sell friends, Akil was able to buy his own transportation tickets to school without having to ask his parents for money.

After realized the support and larger market for clothing Akil founded Zale Apparel with the help of Ethan Low. Akil now is a professional hockey player for the La kings and works on Zale during his time away from the rink. He oversees' the business as a whole and drives the creativity for each collection.

Creative Director
Patrick Romain

Born and raised in Toronto, Patrick grew up with sports and fashion in his life. He decided to pursue his passion by furthering his education at OCAD University. Recently completing his bachelor’s degree in the spring of 2021, he majored in the Integrated Media Program, specializing in film and design.

As the creative director Patrick works alongside Ethan and Akil to oversee the creative side of the business. He initiates original ideas that are further developed in our creative process as a team.

Customer Operations
Paul Akouris

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Paul grew up around both sports and fashion. He met Akil soon after Akil arrived in Canada when they became neighbours. Paul met Ethan playing minor hockey together, which formed a close relationship between the three of them.

Paul is currently studying BioChemistry at Western University. Although he has a strong passion for medicine and health, Paul is strongly influenced and involved in the fashion and streetwear scene. Paul currently is responsible for all customer relations.