BIM Collection

ZALE presents the BIM Collection 2021.

BIM Definition: BIM (noun.) Caribbean informal a native or inhabitant of Barbados.

 Inspired by the island lifestyle and strong personal ties to Barbados the Zale team decided to celebrate the island’s culture with this collection making it one of our most anticipated drops to date. The Zale Trident was inspired by the trident found on the Barbados flag and so we found it important to pay homage to our roots. The team has spent months developing and designing this four piece collection to make sure the fabrics, colours and designs were used to showcase the essence of Barbados. 

Two different organic fabrics, milled locally and made in Canada were used to create the custom garments. The 220 gsm 100% organic cotton Jersey for our Tee’s and 220 gsm 100% organic cotton fleece for our Tee’s. There are three colors of fabric for this collection: placid blue, white and a heather grey. These shades were chosen in order to represent the aesthetic and colour palette of the Island. 

The colours used for the tees were used in order to showcase the island. The Barbados flag has two main colours blue and yellow. The other shades of red and orange are used because of the flower of fence (the national flower of Barbados, it appears on the coat of arms). 

Color Palette:

The blue was used to represent the blue water that surrounds the island

The yellow used on the shirts represents the sun that brightens up the island

The red represents the eye catching colour found on the national flower of the island

The ZALE BIM collection releases Thursday, September 30th 2021.

Creative Direction: Ethan Low & Patrick Romain
Creative Assistant: Akil Thomas
Video Location: Oistins, Barbados
Videography: Kadeem Wharton -
Video Editing: Andrew Hammond - @andrew_hammond
Photography: Patrick Romain //  Nick Bruno - @transcenddigitalsol