Starmode Collection Lookbook

When Taking a quick glance at our Starmode collection, you can see how we integrated our version of a star in our designs. The use of this star represents this ideology of a Star Mode. Star mode represents one’s secondary or alternative personality when there is an important task at hand. This mental state represents who they are in a performance environment where focus and execution is a must. It contains mental, physical and social traits that are ignited internally as a reaction to their environment. In our promotional video, we used an up-and-coming artist by the name of "Distant Matter." When one's passion, job or hobby is performance based, there are various things they do to prepare to perform.

The premise of the whole video was to showcase his daily routine before a performance. The video climatically ends off with Distant Matter at a performance he had at a Toronto Venue called "Bar St. Lo." As a new clothing brand trying to grow, we thought it was super fitting to partner up with an up and coming artist, while supporting him on his journey.