ZALE Cold Nights Capsule

Inspired by the city of Toronto, the Cold Nights Capsule was created to capture the spirit of the late, and cold, nights spent out in the winter.

Growing up and experiencing the city is something our team relates to, and is something that has shaped us as people.  Being from Toronto, it’s easy to see the many layers, aspects and moods of the city. The amount of beauty the city portrays mixed with the darkness it also embodies makes Toronto a unique city. From the sounds of the ttc streetcars on the tracks, wind sweeping through tall downtown buildings, and cars making its way through slush everywhere around the city, these are the real city sensations people relate to. This collection simply encapsulates these feelings for everyone who admires the city. Whether you’re out playing shinny, waiting in line at the bar, or hanging with friends at home, the Cold Nights Capsule has you prepared for how you spend your night in Toronto.
Color Palette:
The blue was used to represent the colour found throughout the city and the mood/essense of night vibes in Toronto
The ZALE Cold Nights Capsule collection releases Saturday February 19th 2022.

Creative Direction: Ethan Low // Patrick Romain 
Film Director: Ethan Low // Patrick Romain
Assistant Director: Liam Haggarty
Creative Assistants: Akil Thomas // Charlotte Bernardo 
Videography: Malik Palmer // Patrick Romain // Ethan Low
Video Editing: Malik Palmer // Liam Haggarty // Patrick Romain // Ethan Low 
Photography: Patrick Romain // Ethan Low
Video Location: Toronto, Canada