GLO Capsule

Influential rapper, record producer and songwriter Keith Farelle Cozart, better known as Chief Keef, served as the latest source of inspiration for the Zale GLO capsule. The Zale team was motivated by Chief Keef’s relentless effort, dedication to his craft, and massive cultural influence which helped cultivate many aspects of this drop. 
 While Chief Keef was exploding onto the rap scene in 2015 our co-founders Akil and Ethan had started their own summer hockey team, The Bender Boy’s. The jerseys that were created for the team had a blue, orange, white, and black colour scheme. So, we decided that the palette of colours used in this capsule should be sourced from that jersey. In addition, Akil’s jersey for that summer season had Sosa written on the back due to his affinity towards Chief Keef. He was Akil’s favourite rapper growing up and we were able to build on this by infusing many different aspects of Chief Keef’s persona into the designs for the Zale GLO Capsule.     
The ZALE GLO Capsule releases Thursday April 29th 2021 on
Photography & Videography: Ethan Low, Patrick Romain & Colin Harney